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Archive: September 2015

What our players have said…

My 7 year old son has been playing teach your monster to read for several months. I can’t give enough positive feedback about this wonderful game. My son has struggled with reading since kindergarten. He is currently receiving a great deal of extra support at school to help him through his struggles. Teach Your Monster to Read is an incredibly engaging game that keeps my son learning and having fun at the same time! I feel a huge deal of relief when its “time to read” by having this game available to us. My son has made noticeable improvements with reading in the past couple of months. I have to credit this game for much of it. As every parent and teacher knows, its so important to promote learning by helping them enjoy the process!! Thank you Teach Your Monster to Read for helping my son by keeping it fun and exciting, but at the same time challenging!

Lee Ann Cook from Western Massachusetts

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Transferring players between accounts

If your students have moved to another class or year group then you can now transfer players to that teacher’s Teach Your Monster to Read account.

Watch this video to see how to transfer players, or read on.

How to transfer individual players

  • Click the tickbox to the left of the player’s name
  • Click on ‘more’ and in the dropdown go to ‘change game’
  • Scroll down the player’s page and go to ‘Transfer player’
  • Type in the email address of the new teacher (that teacher must have an account set up on Teach Your Monster to Read)

How to transfer a whole group

Go to the group’s page and scroll down to the “Transfer Group” section.

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